a beautiful HTML5 piano and synthesizer.

Piano, A HTML5 app made to be simple, fast, and featureful

How to use

On the left of the piano are options to change the instrument. To the right are options to change key layouts. I personally highly recommend functional and it is the default choice. This app also works better on Chrome thanks to its better performance and API support. Otherwise, just click with the mouse on the keyboard to make a sound, or use your keyboard to press the key that you see in each piano key.

Why this one?

I've been looking for a simple, online piano app and was dismayed at the lackluster offerings out there, which is what made me make one that I felt was vastly superior to anything else on the web. Other ones had hilarious failures like if you pressed on a key for too long, the key would start repeating and pretty much just fail. This one doesn't do that and is more robust, and pretty to boot.