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If I were to summarize my work, I would say it is a blend of technology and art. A particular product cannot exist on one of those legs alone. My Illustrator and InDesign projects, for example, often require math, precision, and effective use of technology; my programming work is often guided by my sense of aesthetic, both in the final result (css) and in the code base.

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Looking back at how I started in my path, I realize that the reason I had gotten into art and design was that my proficiency with computers meant I was also quick to understand Photoshop and Illustrator. I've grew talent in both fields in similar ways too: by helping other people and building up experience.

This connection between art and technology has become even more apparent to me after assembling this portfolio. I found it incredibly difficult to decide if certain projects was really 'Art' or 'Programming,' and I had to compromise to be able to lay things into nice sections. Nevertheless, I hope that the reader would appreciate my effort and my work, if they have even read this far.


Personal Projects

My personal projects are standalone, sometimes large undertakings that I've had. All in all, these project constitute the most lines, love, blood, sweat, and tears of anything that I've ever worked on.

Linux & Personalization

As a long-time linux enthusiast, I've gathered a bunch of customizations, custom scripts, and a workflow that had evolved over time. Since these are so precious to me, I wanted to show some of it off, here.

Korean National Business Competition

The KNBC is a business competetion hosting approximately 900 students. To meet large demands, I was tasked with creating a golang app that can handle registration and present information in a beautiful way.


Design II

In Design II, I've had to improve my artwork by refining and adapting other's work as inspiration. Through this class, I've learnt not only how to make better and more impactful designs, I've also learnt how to communicate with clients to create art that can empathize with others.


Working as a layout designer and production manager of Seoul International School's newspaper, Tiger Times, I've had to design spreads and manage the workflow of the newspaper. This portfolio chronicles my efforts in both of these categories.